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Run Smarter

Do you love running?

Discover how to build the lean, strong, injury free running body that you've always wanted!

My performance enhancing, injury prevention program will show you how you can improve your technique and times, increase your overall energy levels and stay injury free for good.


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I’ve been studying mind/body health and wellness since 1998 and have completed many accreditations in natural healing practices for both the mind and the body.

My therapies and self-help techniques focus on removing physical and emotional restrictions and enhancing energy flow through the body. This approach will helps to accelerate recovery and healing while helping you reach your full potential.

I have over 20 years experience working with Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Bio-Testing & Therapy and Pilates. You can find many of my training videos on YouTube and Facebook, and I also run a support group that you can join.

Corporate Wellness

Some of my testimonials

"In this fitness programme Tony sets about giving athletes the tools to take action to improve their overall physical and mental health. With his extensive experience in the field and holistic approach, Tony describes the importance of a methodical approach to improving and maintaining fitness without injury and achieving new personal bests and goals previously elusive. 
The corner-stone of his approach is the building of flexibility, stability and strength using simple exercises which boost potential and performance. In essence his exercises teach us to perform better and with less effort. To further optimize the body’s fitness he coaches us on careful hydration, a logical approach to nutrition and breathing techniques which increase overall vitality and enhance the ability of the body to repair itself. 
Whether an Olympic athlete or a newcomer to exercise, his book is also an excellent motivating companion guide to a more thoughtful and active life. It provides a methodical approach to all physical exercise and training to enable the reader to stay injury-free and achieve more than they ever thought possible."

Prof. Sean Gaine

Chief Medical Officer Olympic Council Ireland 2000 - 2016
"I've been running professionally for 7 years now and coached at the top level in America.

One thing that has been vital during my running or coaching career was mobility and injury prevention.

Following Tony's Run Smarter Training Program can help build elasticity in your muscles, improve your oxygen efficiency, blood quality and reduce your risk of injury.

If you want a more pain free build up to races or just fluency in your running check out the Run Smart training Program."

Dave Flynn

Professional Athlete
& US Collegiate Coach

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