How to Run Smarter

The Run Smarter Concept Explained


The primary reason for using this holistic running program is to improve the amount of elasticity in your muscles, to improve your oxygen efficiency, your blood quality, and learn how to work in harmony with yourself.

By improving the elasticity in your muscles, you can improve the power-to-weight ratio in your body, making you able to run faster and smoother using the exercises that are included in the book. More elasticity also greatly lessens the risk of injury.

It will also help you to improve your fuel supply systems, namely oxygen, and nutrition. Your overall health is largely dictated by the quality of your blood, and that’s why blood testing in hospitals is so widely used. If your blood is not as clean as it could be, then your body will not be able to transport these two most important elements around your body efficiently. We do this by introducing the concept of cleaning your system through detoxification methods and also through carefully chosen exercises that have been selected to improve organ and gland function, thus improving total body wellness.

For example if we examine exercise 6 (video above) from the Recovery sequence The Shoulder Stretch in more detail I can tell you that it is used to improve shoulder flexibility and lung capacity while stimulating internal organ functions of the liver and spleen as well as lowering acid levels in your body.

Now that's a lot of benefit to get from just one simple move. But the best thing about Quantum Flow Running is that all the exercises have been especially chosen with this depth of multi level efficiency in mind and that's why this program has the power to take your training to the next level.

Starting position:  

Kneeling on all fours, hands directly under your shoulders and knees under your hips, flat lower back.


Place left hand two inches behind right hand. Then as you exhale slide your left hand across body in the gap between right arm and leg .  On the inhale draw left hand back across body and lift a straight arm as high as possible . Pause for two seconds and repeat eight times on both sides.                    


It’s important to keep a strong core and a straight lower back. No dip in lower spine. You should feel a big shoulder stretch on a full lung.

There are several reasons why this move has been selected in this precise location and it is because it stimulates faster recovery from all exercise on multiple levels.

Firstly: You focus on your breathing. About 80% of the body's waste leaves through the mouth so it makes sense to perform a series of complete exhales. The full inhale will bring more oxygen into the blood which will be delivered to the muscles and help speed up your Recovery.

As you work through a series of inhale/exhale cycles you will start to lower the acid levels in your body and restore a more alkaline ph balance to your system. Again, this is very helpful in speeding up post workout recovery times.

Secondly: There is a strong ligament that is anchored to the right shoulder and is connected to the liver on the right hand side of your body (under and below your ribs). When you move your arm as per the exercise you are not only removing tension from your lungs but also releasing tension from your liver and therefore allowing it to clean toxins from your blood more efficiently.

Then when you change sides and you work on the left side of the body you start to activate the spleen. Your spleen plays a large part in your level of endurance and is a big part of your immune system. By removing restrictions from your spleen you are reducing your risk of illness and improving your endurance levels.

This holistic approach allows you to harness the energy that you create during your workouts and bring that energy and vitality into your daily life so that you can maximize the benefits of each training session. Running should not be a chore. It should be a way of life that brings vitality and more importantly balance into everything you do.

You should think of running and all the exercises in my Run Smarter Book as a form of active meditation. This book presents you with an opportunity to release stress, gain clarity, and improve overall well-being.  

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