Why Runners Must Detox

Why Runners Must Detox

Are you getting ready for an important run?

Do you want to make it your best performance - ever?

Our overall health is largely dictated by the quality of our blood, and that’s why blood testing in hospitals is so widely used.

If your blood is not as clean as it could be then you will not be able to transport the two most important elements around your body efficiently, Oxygen and Nutrition.

We feel fit and healthy when we run but everyone can benefit from carrying out a simple detox plan at least once a year. There is no better time of year in the running calendar then Autumn to do this cleanse.

As we train all Summer long in the warmer weather our training mileage goes up and more than likely so do our acid levels. The negative effect of acid on our bodies can be crippling over a period of time, but in the short term it thickens our blood and this slows down the delivery of the oxygen molecules’ to our muscles .

I take a natural "green" vegetable most days to cleanse, nourish and balance my cells and then I do a liver cleanse in early April and October to help lower acid levels and boost my immune system.

2 Day Cleanse

Day 1

Watermelon and grapes for breakfast.

For the rest of the day only eat raw or cooked vegetables.

Soups and salads are ideal.

Day 2

Vegetable juices only.

My favorite is: Celery, Carrot, Cucumber & Spinach

I find these veggies great for cleansing the blood as well as energising the body. 


Drink plenty of fluids on both days - Water and Herbal teas.

Fennel can also help to cleanse the Liver and detoxify the body or try some nettle tea to help fight acid.

Once the detox is complete and the body feels lighter I recommend that you start adding some Zinc into your nutrition plan to help boost your immune system and make sure your spleen is working to it's maximum.

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