The Run Smarter Book

The primary reason for using this holistic running program is to reduce your risk of injury and help you enjoy every step of every run.

The program is designed to dramatically improve the amount of elasticity in your muscles, improve your oxygen efficiency, blood quality, and for you to learn how to work in harmony with yourself.


What This Book Solves

By improving the elasticity in your muscles, you can improve the power-to-weight ratio in your body, making you able to run faster and smoother using the exercises that are included in the book.

More elasticity also greatly lessens the risk of injury. It will also help you to improve your fuel supply systems, namely oxygen, and nutrition.

What's In The Book?

The book guides you through a set of 27 essential running exercises.

There are 9 Warm-up exercises.

These exercises are designed to activate both the smaller stabilizer muscles that are used to support the larger muscle groups. This dramatically improves performance. The exercises will also help you to gradually elevate your core temperature and heart rate while making sure you conserve energy by avoiding unnecessary adrenaline production.

There are 9 Stability exercises.

These exercises are designed to provide the body with the correct shape and strength needed to ensure that your optimum running technique is maintained during every training session and event. When you can connect and harness the power of the strong muscles in the upper body (arms/shoulders/chest) with the strong muscles of the glutes and legs you can generate way more speed safely. The area that connects these muscle groups is the tummy muscles or the core. If the core is weak then it’s not possible to utilize the full power of all your muscles when running.

There are 9 Recovery exercises.

These exercises are designed to help you speed up your recovery times between sessions. The reason why people hit training plateaus or get injured is primarily because their muscles are not fully repaired when they go training. You feel you should be able to run faster times because you’re training hard but you’re not making progress – that’s because your muscles need longer to repair. A smart post workout recovery routine will help you make the continuous gains you want and massively reduce your risk of injury.


There are also lots of simple lifestyle hacks in the book that will help you to enjoy your running a whole lot more and improve your daily mind/body energy levels.

The Outcome

Your overall health is largely dictated by the quality of your blood, and that’s why blood testing in hospitals is so widely used. If your blood is not as clean as it could be, then your body will not be able to transport these two most important elements around your body efficiently.

We do this by introducing the concept of cleaning your system through detoxification methods and also through carefully chosen exercises that have been selected to improve organ and gland function, thus improving total body wellness. 

For example, if we examine exercise No.6 (The Shoulder Stretch) in the book from the Recovery exercise routine in more detail, I can tell you that it is used to improve shoulder flexibility and lung capacity while stimulating internal organ functions of the liver and spleen as well as lowering acid levels in your body. 

Now that's a lot of benefit to get from just one simple move. But the best thing about the Run Smarter program is that all the exercises have been especially chosen with this depth of multi-level efficiency in mind and that’s why this program has the power to take your training to the next level. 


"I've been running professionally for 7 years now and coached at the top level in America.

One thing that has been vital during my running or coaching career was mobility and injury prevention.

Following Tony's Run Smart Training Program can help build elasticity in your muscles, improve your oxygen efficiency, blood quality and reduce your risk of injury.

If you want a more pain free build up to races or just fluency in your running check out the Run Smart training Program."

Dave Flynn
Professional Athlete & US Collegiate Coach

"I’ve been competing as a high level duathlete over the past number of years. As a multi sport athlete who trains 2-3 times a day, activation and recovery are a big part of my program. I find that the Run Smart program not only warms up and prepares my body but it also helps my mind focus on the session ahead.

The Run Smart exercises are broken into individual videos and also complete routine videos lasting 11 minutes each. They are accessible at your fingertips and very easy to follow.

As a sports therapist, I place a huge emphasis on injury prevention, with the Run Smart program the emphasis is on oxygen efficiency, blood quality and activation and recruitment to ensure the correct muscles are firing for the task at hand.

I highly recommend using Tony's Run Smart Program to help you take the guesswork out of and to structure your pre and post training routine!"

Natasha Kelly
Duathlete & Sports Scientist

What's Inside

Over almost 200 pages you will learn my expert advice and a set of simple to follow exercise routines to help your body get the most from every workout.

The exercises can be used as a stand-alone exercise program, no equipment is required and it can all be performed on a mat indoors if required.

Suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced.

I'll show you how to assess your current fitness level and flexibility, and explore everything you should be thinking about when preparing for distance running.

This is the ideal program for triathletes as it will have a positive effect on your swim, bike and run performance.

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This book is not just about running

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